Datamodelling & Self Service Business Intelligence

Data modeling is already described since there is digital data. Various advantages of Inmol (Corporate Information Factory), Lindstedt (Data Vault) and Kinball (Bus Architecture)all have advantages and disadvantages. Since the emergence of these models, the technology has evolved and has increased even more enthusiastic programmers and developers. With the advent of Business Intelligence tools like Impromptu, Business Objects in the early years, it became increasingly easy to unlock data and make a model based on the data presented.  In the Self Service Business Intelligence and In-Memory era, data editing has become many times easier.infowereld-datamodelling
Editing or interpreting data and models is now fully in-memory and thus quickly resets your model. Business Intelligence of NOW, ad hoc calculates the outcome based on the chosen / modified design or model. Regardless of which Self Service BI Tool is chosen for the solution, they offer all similar features. Unlocking conventional data from Flat Files, Relational databases, online resources or even a combination of all of this. Business Intelligence is more and more focused on the information needs of the user, unstructured data (BiGData) and predictive analytics (predictive analytics) behavior in order to provide IT a solution for future developments.

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